Sunday, September 27, 2009

IMC 2009 lead up

Written the day before IMC 2009:

Well, it's almost here. Tomorrow morning we'll be in Lake Okanagan thrashing our way into another IMC.

Had a great dinner with the Deads on Thursday. It was good to see old friends and meet some new faces (thank you, once again, Tony).

The weather has been good for a race. Not too hot, should be manageable.
That's always my biggest fear - that it will be beastly hot. There's just something strange about setting out on a marathon in the middle of the afternoon when the temperature is over 90. I don't think we're going to get that tomorrow.

Lake swims have been terrific. The water temperature is cool and comfortable, wetsuit perfect. We've not seen any high winds on any day so far. In fact, when I walked back from dinner on Thursday night it was so balmy and calm in the lake the kids were out swimming and playing in the water under the moonlight. Their laughter was like music as I walked along Lakeshore Drive.

Yesterday I dropped off my extra wheels at the Bike Barn. I hope that I can save someone else's race by doing so. Mine was saved a number of years ago when I broke a spoke turning in to the out-and-back. Let's hope that the karma I experienced that day is still flowing.

Sister Madonna got a standing ovation at the carbo dinner last night. She was sitting at the table next to mine and we can only hope that we all have the drive, skill, genetics, and persistence of that woman. She's 79 this year and looks just great. Frank Cokan, her male counterpart, is also here. He's a relatively young 78, I believe.

My table was blessed with 2 of the Dick-Eds: Ed Wong and Ed Russell. (For those of you unfamiliar with the Dick-Eds, the 3 of them have done every IMC except the first. That's a streak of 26 years this year!) Ed Russell had special caps made embroidered with "Club Ed" and he gave them out to people at the table. I will proudly wear mine.

Today I'll get all my transition stuff together and give over my bike for its overnight stay in transition. We also get to sign up for the opportunity to sign up for next year's race. Since I've already reserved my room for next year, it looks like I'm on it again. This year will be my 15th IMC. Feels kinda special.

This morning I lay in bed, plugged into my Zune listening to Toby Keith, and thinking about Hurricane Bob's essay on being prepared. You're so right, Bob. I am ready. I've spent the last few days pushing all those doubts out of my mind and preparing for the challenge ahead.

It's a rare privilege to be here with all these dedicated athletes, all of us ready to take whatever is handed our way, and face tomorrow with a big smile and a heart full of joy.

Here's to tomorrow.

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