Friday, August 13, 2010

Ross Family Reunion, 2010

(This posting is courtesy of my sister).

As the 2010 Ross Reunion drew near, we all prepared for our journey from near and far -- New Mexico, Arizona, California, Florida, Montana and Washington. We came by plane, automobile and motorcycle. Each of our journeys a little different than the others, but with one goal in mind, to meet up with the members of the Ross Family for a weekend of sharing, catching up and playing together, not to mention all the eating.

It was wonderful to see the little ones at the reunion. The great great grandchildren, great grandchildren and grandchildren of Ray and Lena Ross. Family and friends gathered together to celebrate family.

Beanbag Battle was the hit among the adults and older children. Competition is alive and well in the Ross Family. The only way the game was finally called was because it started to rain, and no one wanted the game to get wet and swell up, which would have meant no more Beanbag Battle.

What a joy to see the little ones pulling the wagons around, running through the sprinkler and swinging on the rope swing in the willow tree. At the end of the day they were exhausted, with one little one falling asleep in his Grandmother’s arms, and laying down on a blanket on the ground fast asleep.

It was a delight to see the Ross siblings loving on each other, telling tales and catching up on what they had been up to the past few years. Eight of the fourteen children were here. Fourteen children is just amazing -- 10 girls that resemble their mother and 4 boys that resemble their father -- kids that started out in a coal mine town in Montana. Each started their own lives spread out over several states, still caring for each other, coming together to celebrate family and each other.

There was abundance everywhere -- the love, the caring, the fun, the food, especially pies and cakes.

Happy Trails to each of you, may we all meet again.

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