Saturday, January 22, 2011

So much has happened

I've been away too long...

One more Ironman Canada done (#18), a cyclocross season finished, and now starting to plan for IMC 2011.

It's been an eventful 4 months:

I broke ribs in a practice CX race in September and missed the start of races and the Grand Columbian triathlon.

Cyclocross season was another test of managing terror. I just can't seem to let myself "flow" in the sport. Thank heavens I don't feel the need to be competitive. Just by showing up this season I managed to finish in the middle of the pack for the season while finishing near the end of the pack in every race. Right now I'm gathering parts for a 1-speed cross bike and hope to race 1-geared and multi-geared next season.

There were some interesting race features this year: the "pumpkin patch" mud pit at Maris Farms, the sand at Silver Lake, the steep downhill and run-up at Evergreen.

I continue to have monthly outings with my "old guys" group. All our outings have been uneventful until the one last week when we went cross country skiing. I managed to do a full face crash on an icy surface and buggered up my ribs AGAIN! I will miss the Resolution Run 10-miler today and have doubts about being prepared for the 15-miler in a month. Maybe I'll need to switch to the 15K.

For now I just need to work up my mileage for the Sunflower Relay.

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